Santa’s Wish Come True

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Santa’s Wish Come True

by Carol Marsden

SantaOn Christmas Eve in a store filled with toys
I queued up alongside other girls and boys
An important question I had to ask Santa Clause
I needed to know if before he answered, he’d pause.

As I sat me down on Santa Clause’s wide knee
I whispered my question as quiet as can be
The answer to your question lies deep in your heart
You’ll have no problem finding it, I can see you are smart.

Santa had sensed what he needed to be told
The boy he thought, held wisdom in his question so bold
He wanted to know why the poor who were kind
Had not had any gifts from his sack left behind

Santa then told me a story so very very sad
Of a poor little girl who had been really glad
As Santa had entered her room cold and bare
She had thought to that day that nobody cared.

She would run to the tree each Christmas day morn
Not a single present her heart it was torn
The day she met Santa on her tear stained face
Santa beheld innocence, sadness and grace.

She held out her hands and a smile it appeared
Though in Santa’s eyes now there were many tears
In her upturned hand were a palm full of leaves
My gift to Rudolf I hope he likes these

Santa took hold of the little girl’s hand
At the doorway stood Rudolf his nose looked so grand
She patted his nose and felt warmth in her heart
She had found love and happiness before Santa’s Depart

The message that Santa gave to me that night
Was no matter what the gift, the future was bright
With this knowledge in your heart, you now know what to do
Give generously to the poor at Christmas, make Santa’s wish come true

Though Santa’s Sleigh is of the magical kind
He needs love from us for each child’s gift to find
The magical knowledge is to give not receive
Then no child will be sad for a gift he will leave.

Open up your heart at Christmas a Child needs you…

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